New online ordering of repeat prescriptions.
This allows you to view and order you list of medications. The service is delivered via our clinical software supplier: EMIS. To register for this service you will need to bring some form of photographic ID to the medical centre, i.e. driving licence or passport. This new system is a more efficient way of processing your request. It also will allow you to book routine appointments. There is also a smart phone app available. The link below will take you to the EMIS website.
Order Repeat Prescriptions.

You can still use the current system below for the next few months. We would encourage all our patients to register as the current method will be closed down over the next few months.

Order your Repeat Medications
This service is only for your regular medications. Do not use it if you require medication within 24 hours. Your prescription will be ready in 2 full working days. Do not use this service to send any other information, advice or request, it is not a messaging system. Complete confidentiality of your request cannot be guaranteed. You can use your computer number, found on your prescription slip and your initials if you wish to increase the level of confidentiality.

Some drugs have very similar names, so make sure your medication request is spelt correctly. Please use a new line for each medication.
N.B. Do not add any other requests or queries.